What is the minimum order?

36 pieces 12 x 16. or 1 PC Canvas.

What is a name drop?

 A name drop is a way to customize the picture you like.We will add your town name to any picture and replace an existing town. There is a $30 cost for each sku on the first order only. That cost pays for the artist to create the new art in the studio. A name drop does not require a sample or proof approval and we do not email a proof for name drops .

Can Patrick create a custom design of a new subject I want?

Yes, There is a $110 Studio cost to create a new piece of art in the MY TOWN ART style.  You need to order a minimum of 10 pieces ( 12 x 16 size)  of that design. You may supply a photo or Patrick can research and find a picture to work from in most cases. All photos submitted must be at least 1 MB size , sharp focus, with good lighting. Since he is painting from your photo as a subject , it needs to be clearly visible. Please call to discuss if you have multiple pieces yoiu want to do. In some cases , he will absorb some of the studio fees if the subject has a broad enough appeal. Solely the decision of the artist. 

By submitting a photo you authorize that you own the rights to the photo and give Patrick full permission to make a derivate work from the photo. You would maintain the rights to your photo and Patrick maintains all rights to his derivative work free of any claim. All rights , revenues, royalties from Patrick's derivative work are acknowledged  to be owned by Patrick Reid O'Brien .